A Virtual “Run for Good” to Fight Prostate Cancer

Virtual racing is a relatively new phenomenon, but is quickly gaining traction in the world of running.


During the month of September, Team Winter is hosting a virtual race through athlete.com. This race takes place on your terms; where you want, when you want, and at the pace you want. For those training to run a 5k, 10k, half marathon, or full marathon this would be perfect to add to your training regiment. Those interested in participating can log onto Athlete.com and register. Miles completed are logged through a personal page created at registration.

Here is a look at Team Winters July virtual race:



After registration, participants are invited to ask friends and family to pledge donations. Proceeds raised from the “Run for Good” will go to TeamWinter and will help support the fight to end prostate cancer. Prostate cancer effects every one in six men, which is something Winter Vinecki, founder of TeamWinter, is acutely aware of. At the age of 9 Winter lost her father to an aggressive form of prostate cancer. Ever since that traumatic experience, Winter has championed the fight against prostate cancer through her incredible athletic abilities. Her most notable achievements have been in the sports of Triathlon and Running. She is currently participating in a World Marathon Tour, and she is also training to compete in the 2018 winter Olympics in Ariel Skiing.


To fing out more about TeamWinter and Winter Vinecki, please visit TeamWinter.org.

To sign up for the Team Winter S1X, visit Athlete.com. Sign up today to win $200 worth of “swag” and chances to win other prizes, including SKIN STRONG products.