4 Things to Check Out at The Running Event


The Running Event is just around the corner, and by that I mean next week! So we have compiled a list of the 4 things we will be checking out!


1. Junk Brands

They are a relatively new company, who is also headquartered out of Bentonville Arkasas (One town away from Skin Strong!!) They make snazy athletic head bands, as well as headbands for every day wear. These headbands are awesome, because they stay on really well with out slipping and sliding.


These head bands are NOT just for girls either!

Big Thank You to our troops.

You can check them out on Facebook at Junk Brands, Or at Junkbrands.com


2. Timex Marathon GPS Watch

This watch is COOL! And it’s not a bad price either, for $99.95 you can record total time, distance, pace, and speed. This watch will also automatically record lap splits for up to 6 custom set distances, store up to 30 work outs, and compute calories taking into account gender, age, and weight.



3. Fuel Belt 

This awesome company will announce three big partnerships that will take affect in 2013! Fuel belt will be setting up with Gatorade at The Running Event and has signed a distribution partnership for the Gatorade Pro Series of products. The Pro Series a unique product collection specifically formulated for endurance athletes. The collection will only be open to the sports specialty channel. Maybe they will even have samples!? YUM!!







4. Newton Running. 



If you run, you need a pair of Newton shoes. Newton running shoes help encourage good posture, an athletic position and “continues with an efficient cadence of 170 to 190 steps/minute. Done properly, running feels easier and your feet seem at one with the ground. You are making better use of the proper running muscles and the elastic component of running.  The end result is a run that feels more efficient, intuitive, relaxed, natural and less stressful.” (courtesy of http://www.newtonrunning.com/running-form/what-is-newton-running) These shoes truly are amazing.