3 Great Reasons to Do a Family Triathlon This Year

Wondering how you can fit in a triathlon, the training, and a family vacation this summer?   There are 3 great reasons why a family triathlon might be the answer!

The Mohler Family knows how to tri as a family!


1)  Healthy togetherness – You know that saying “The family that races together stays together”?  Ok, that isn’t actually how the saying goes but there is an element of truth to the statement.  Spending time as a family running, biking, and swimming can be great quality time as well as good for your fitness.  The lessons your children learn from your example of living a healthy lifestyle and healthy competitions will last a lifetime!

2) Great Vacation Destinations Many triathlons are located in places that can easily be turned into a great vacation destination!  Find a great beach vacation spot and the chances are high you will find a triathlon there as well.  An article in Triathlete magazine rated the top 5 Family Friendly triathlon races would be a good place to start your search.

trifamilyracing.com is a fantastic resource for family triathlons. Director Mark Konietzka, says “As a triathlete myself, I do my best to put together races that will appeal to the beginner to pro triathlete”.  They also keep every age group in mind when they plan their events.

3) Meet Other Tri Families One of the greatest parts of triathlons is the amazing communities of people.  By racing, our family has met many great people who turned into great friends.  The friendships your family make can be the support you need to continue training and racing in the future!

The key to making it work for your family is finding the right balance of race and play!  We have enjoyed racing with our two oldest daughters and look forward to our youngest children racing as well.  Race vacations will be on our calendar for many years to come!

John “tri”ing with our oldest daughters


Do you have a triathlon family?  Share your story with us in the comments below!

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