“A wide range of products from SKIN STRONG offers triathletes protection against everything from the sun to the saddle”

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“I’m a big fan not only Skin Strong’s products, but also of their company. They are a small group. A family, who created products that are easier to use and more enjoyable for people who love the sports they love. To top it off: they are cheaper than their competitors. ”

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“stinging sweat in the eyes was not an issue…”  “It works.  Skin saved, mission accomplished.”

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Review from Justin Trolle’ of Vanguard Endurance

“As an International Elite Coach and Coach Mentor I have the opportunity to look at lots of different products for use by athletes in Triathlon. I was lucky enough to come across Skin Strong last year and fell in love with the product. Its simple to use, perfect for protecting me and the athletes I work with from unwanted rubbing in long training sessions. It’s all you will ever need.”

Justin Trollé
Level III USAT Coach, Head of the USAT elite coach mentoring programs at the US Olympic Training Centre

Review from Triathon Gear Review

“Let me start by saying that in my opinion, SLATHER and SLIK are quality products offered at an outstanding value.  They are simple products from the users perspective – apply as directed, go swim, ride and/or run and the products work as advertised at a lower cost than their competitors...”  Read Full Review…

Review from Active Gear Review

“…Over the past month, I have found the Skin Strong products to be extremely effective in preventing chaffage while running.  It has definitely made my long runs more enjoyable. Outside of Skin Strong products performing the way they say they do, I also really like the smell of the product line.  This so-called smell is the smell of tee tree oil;  I personally enjoy the smell of tee tree oil.  So if you suffer from Chaffage and are looking for a cure, I would highly suggest taking a look at Skin Strong…”  Read Full Review…

Review from Austin Fit Magazine

I was contacted through Austin Fit Magazine about a new skin lubricant product. I was asked what I used, and I told them I had used Body Glide for years. I was then introduced to a new product on the market called Skin Strong. I had not heard about it, but I had a race that Sunday and was willing to give it a shot.

I met with the Skin Strong rep and he gave me samples of Skin Strong Silk and the Slather. I had a three hour ride the Friday before the race; I used the Slather on my bike shorts and loved it!

On the morning of the race, I used the Skin Strong Silk on my feet and the Slather on my shorts. With the first leg of the race behind me, I got out of the water ready to kill the bike — my shorts felt great! I was comfortable the whole time which allowed me to focus on my aerodynamics since it was a windy day, and I could stay in the saddle and power through the wind. When I got off the bike for the run, I kicked it in. I felt some rubbing on my shoes (where I normally do), but it never got worse. My shoes and feet felt great, and I could push all I wanted and didn’t have to worry about blisters.

When I finished, I took off my shoes and had no blisters! I will definitely use Skin Strong in my upcoming races. Thanks guys for letting me try the products!

David Garza
Inspire by Example

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Skin Strong Slather has a nice cooling and soothing feeling to the area where you apply it. It also makes you much more comfortable while riding.  Skin Strong has become my new favorite cream to use while riding my bike.  Give Skin Strong a try. It’s a great product.

Review from TriJuice

“SLIK creates a thin, non-staining, non-greasy barrier against the skin which greatly reduces friction that may lead to chafing, blisters, or irritation. The innovative and convenient spray formula makes it quick and easy to apply and is more hygienic than sticks or balms. The spray gives you consistent volume and even coverage on even the hardest to reach places! This high performance skin care product, created by athletes for athletes, is designed to protect your body from these discomforts and let you focus on the true test – unleashing your mind to accomplish your goals.”

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“It works.  Skin saved, mission accomplished.”

Sun SCREEN Review

I was in the sun and pool for hours on Friday in 99 degree weather and I did not get burned.  I was amazed as to how great the spray is… loved it.  Goes on easy too.  The small balm was used on my lips… wonderful.   I used the lotion for my legs and such.  The after spray was cooling.  Saturday I was in the sun for 5 hours and once again used your product… no burn.  In and out of the water was not a problem… I did re-apply.   Sunday again for 3 hours at the peak of the day… no burn…. I love love love it.
Things I found to be amazing.
1.        The smell was neutral.  Good for those with sensitive skin
2.       The spray went on easy and didn’t need a lot of effort.
3.       I am a freak about not tanning my face and chest:  usually use 50 and it doesn’t always work.  YOUR products did a fantastic job and DID not burn my eyes.
4.       The balm bar was 50 and I put that places that the sun sneaks into… it goes on so slick!
I feel like I can equally brag about your sun products….
Super super awesome.



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