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Seize the Day, Run an Ultramarathon

Most people would never dream of running 50 miles unless being chased by a pack of rabid wolves.   Gus Lloyd is not like most people, he is an ultrarunner.  Gus is the host of the morning radio show Seize the Day on Sirius XM’s The Catholic Channel.  What motivated Gus to join the growing […]

Ironman Underpants Run Launches New Career

Before Kevin Brooks’  first Ironman in Louisville Kentucky, he started the Louisville Underpants Run to help calm his nerves.  The Run was so successful that he continued it four years in a row. Every year Kevin chose a different charity to donate the proceeds from The Underpants Run to. In 2010, an idea for Kevin’s […]

3 Reasons Why YOU Need Sun SCREEN in Winter

You sill need to wear Sun SCREEN in the winter.   Here are 3 reasons why;   1. The Sun is just as dangerous in the winter; according to www.SkinCancer.org, UVB rays are less intense in winter, however equally damaging (and possibly more dangerous) UVA rays are just as strong as during the summer months. […]

5 Winter Training Tips

Winter is a great time to reflect on your abilities and past performances.  It is also a great time to find weaknesses and try to eliminate them. This will help you have the best 2013 season! What if my weakness is SWIMMING? Work on your technique. If your technique improves and you become more efficient, you […]

Facebook posting while Ironman racing???

                                         Jenni (center) with brother & support team. Photo courtesy of Amy Horton                                 Jenni Horton, like many athletes at Ironman Florida, was not racing for the first time. Although Jenni is an Ironman Veteran, she learned a […]

Lauren Goss’ Pay Attention to Detail

Pay Attention to Detail—10 things that have helped me this season Swim with a group– swimming with a group keeps you from getting bored and from letting the mind wander. It is good to have a group of positive people to push you during swim workouts so that you can reach your maximum potential. Make […]

5 Creative Gift Ideas for the Triathlete, Runner, &/or Cycling Dad

We asked athletes to send us their most creative gift ideas for the triathlete, runner, &/or cyclist for Father’s Day.   Here are the top 5 most creative gift ideas 5) Pay Dad’s entry fee for a race Does the athlete Dad in your life have a dream race? How about a race that he loved […]

4 Workouts to Improve Your Run

Guest post from Professional Triathlete Brad Seng- He knows a thing or two about running!  Having chased a soccer ball around from grade school through college, running seems to come most naturally to me.  Ironically, I used to abhor running even while playing in college.  Whenever I would see someone out for a run I […]