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Seize the Day, Run an Ultramarathon

Most people would never dream of running 50 miles unless being chased by a pack of rabid wolves.   Gus Lloyd is not like most people, he is an ultrarunner.  Gus is the host of the morning radio show Seize the Day on Sirius XM’s The Catholic Channel.  What motivated Gus to join the growing […]

Bike Bentonville and SRTS

Bike Bentonville’s mission statement is to “provide leadership and technical resources for community-driven health and fitness initiatives”,  according to their website WWW.BikeBentonville.com. One of the more recent initiatives Bike Bentonville has taken, is the Safe Rout to School or SRTS. According to the Bike Bentonville website, under the SRTS tab, this initiative is based on […]

Location, Location, Location

It seldom gets below freezing temperatures in the majority of South Africa, and I was based in Durban and Pietermaritzburg on the North East coast for the vast majority of my time during training. With South Africa fighting in the rat race to become a first world country, the performance training facilities were spread out across […]

Ironman Underpants Run Launches New Career

Before Kevin Brooks’  first Ironman in Louisville Kentucky, he started the Louisville Underpants Run to help calm his nerves.  The Run was so successful that he continued it four years in a row. Every year Kevin chose a different charity to donate the proceeds from The Underpants Run to. In 2010, an idea for Kevin’s […]

Good Reads for the New Year

2 good books that will inspire you to make 2013 the year you accomplish that big goal: One Letter at a Time After reading this book, it will be tough to whine about your tough workouts (or anything else).  Rick’s positive attitude is contagious and his life is beyond inspiring! As the Crow Flies The […]

Facebook posting while Ironman racing???

                                         Jenni (center) with brother & support team. Photo courtesy of Amy Horton                                 Jenni Horton, like many athletes at Ironman Florida, was not racing for the first time. Although Jenni is an Ironman Veteran, she learned a […]

Marie Bartoletti, “My Kona Experience”

My training for before Kona was a low-key, because qualified for Kona at the US Championship Ironman in New York in August.  I didn’t want to “overtrain”, so I was still doing marathons pretty much every weekend. I kept up my swimming in the pool every day! I also did a couple of “open water […]

Fueled By Faith- Brad Seng

  Having raced 19 Ironmans and numerous sprint, Olympic distance, and half Ironman events I have witnessed a full spectrum of emotions, attitudes, and performances by athletes of all abilities and ages.  From the first timers to the seasoned professionals I have seen incredible feats of athleticism and perseverance.  What inspires and motivates us to […]

Challenge + Determination = 13.1

I hope this story inspires you, as it has me, to challenge yourself! Better yet, let someone else challenge you! My sister-in-law, poor woman, has 3 brothers… all of them are Ironman athletes.  I say “poor woman”, because every family get together turns into comparing finishing times and the inevitable, out of control smack talk. […]