Answers to questions we are frequently asked:

Questions about SLIK

Does SLIK stain clothing?

No, SLIK will not stain your clothing.  We personally tested SLIK on different types on clothing, in cold and warm water, even with no detergent and SLIK left no stains.

Is SLIK safe for my wetsuit?

SLIK is completely safe for use under wetsuits.

What is the difference between SLIK and SLATHER?

SLIK was designed to use for chafing caused by friction (between thighs, under arms, under sports bras, etc).  SLATHER was designed to protect skin from tearing and chafing caused from bike seats, rubbing between toes, etc.

We have had many customers use SLATHER and SLIK interchangeably.  We’ve also had many customers use them together in problem areas such as under sports bras.

Questions about SLATHER

Is SLATHER safe for women to use as a chamois cream?

SLATHER’s ingredients have been approved by several doctors as safe for even the most sensitive skin.  Women who are prone to infections caused by some chamois creams use SLATHER and have had no issues.

Do you apply SLATHER on the chamois or directly to your skin?

That’s a matter of preference – either way works!

Questions about DUST

Why am I having trouble getting DUST to come out of the bottle?

DUST is not like most powders that you shake! The Teflon that makes DUST coat and protect your feet, also coats the bottle as well.  Squeeze the DUST bottle into your socks or shoes.  If the holes on the bottle get blocked, tap the bottom of the bottle on a counter.

Is DUST safe to use in kids socks and shoes?

Yes, DUST is safe to use in the socks and shoes of children over 6 mo. of age.

Questions about SKIN STRONG products

Are SKIN STRONG products all natural and hypoallergenic? 

This answer comes straight from our in-house doctor along with our manufacturer:

skin strong product statement

Skin Strong products are formulated with a unique combination of ingredients including vitamins and essential oils that are important for the health of your skin. The hypoallergenic properties minimize irritation and allow you to perform at your highest level. Each of our products have undergone rigorous field testing and have proven to be safe and effective. At Skin Strong we believe that you can be strong and be comfortable.